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Gift Certificates Available

We offer gift certificates. They make the perfect birthday or graduation gift! Call (410) 467-RPDS for details.

Need a Student Driver Sign?

Student Driver SignWe offer magnetic student driver signs as a courtesy. These signs are essential for parents when teaching their teens to drive. Signs are available for a $15 refundable deposit! Call (410) 467-RPDS for details.

Make Up a Class

When selecting the class you wish to take, please be aware that you MUST be able to attend the first session of the class you register for. We allow students to take all other individual classes in any order, but the first class is considered the foundation for all following classes, and therefore must be the first class attended.

If you missed a class, it's easy to make it up!

In our 30-hour driving classes, there are 10 classes in each course, and each class has a unique number, 1 - 10. It is required to take each class number once. For example, if you missed Class 7, you have to make it up at another Class 7. You cannot make it up by coming to a second Class 4 or Class 6, etc.

You may only miss 4 classes in a session. If you miss more than 4 classes, you must re-register and repeat the entire 30-hour program.

To find a make up class:

  • Confirm what number class you missed.
  • Go to the class schedule page and browse the courses to find a date that is convenient for you when the same class number is offered.
  • Come to the class on the appropriate date.
That's it! We make it easy to make up missed classes. If you need assistance choosing a class to make up, please give us a call: 410-467-RPDS.