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30-Hour Classroom Schedules at Maryvale

Below you will find all sessions available at Maryvale. This sessions are taught by Mr. Wigs and are open to any student who is at least 15 years of age and interested in taking the course at this location. No driver's permit required. For more course options please see the full list of class schedules.

Where: Room 3 in Maguire Hall at Maryvale, 11300 Falls Road, Lutherville, MD 21093
Cost: $475
  • Go to the Maryvale home page at www.maryvale.com
  • Click Special Events at the Top Right of the Page
  • Click the "Student Driver Education" Image
  • Fill-in the form
If you have any questions contact Marianne Pfeffer at pfefferm@maryvale.com.

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Morning Session Begins August 6

Class 1 August 6 Monday 9am-12:15pm
Class 2 August 7 Tuesday 9am-12:15pm
Class 3 August 8 Wednesday 9am-12:15pm
Class 4 August 9 Thursday 9am-12:15pm
Class 5 August 10 Friday 9am-12:15pm
Class 6 August 13 Monday 9am-12:15pm
Class 7 August 14 Tuesday 9am-12:15pm
Class 8 August 15 Wednesday 9am-12:15pm
Class 9 August 16 Thursday 9am-12:15pm
Class 10 August 17 Friday 9am-12:15pm