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30-Hour Afternoon Classroom Schedules

Each session includes (10) 3-hour classes for a total of 30 hours of instruction. For more course options please see the full list of class schedules.
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Loyola Blakefield (LB)
Loyola Blakefield are open to all students. If you are insterested in a session, please visit loyolablakefield.org/summer or call Chantal Cross at 443-841-3328 to register for a class at Loyola Blakefield.

Afternoon Session Begins November 27 (LB)

Class 1 November 27 Monday 3-6:15pm
Class 2 November 28 Tuesday 3-6:15pm
Class 3 November 29 Wednesday 3-6:15pm
Class 4 November 30 Thursday 3-6:15pm
Class 5 December 1 Friday 3-6:15pm
Class 6 December 4 Monday 3-6:15pm
Class 7 December 5 Tuesday 3-6:15pm
Class 8 December 6 Wednesday 3-6:15pm
Class 9 December 7 Thursday 3-6:15pm
Class 10 December 8 Friday 3-6:15pm