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30-Hour Afternoon Classroom Schedules

Each session includes (10) 3-hour classes for a total of 30 hours of instruction. For more course options please see the full list of class schedules.
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The Rotunda
Call 410-467-RPDS to register for a class at the Rotunda. Cost ranges from $375 - $400. Please visit the Registration Page for additional information on cost and how to secure your place in a class.

Roland Park Country School (RPCS)
Classes at RPCS are $410. To register for a class at Roland Park Country School, call the Compass Office at 410-323-5501 or register online. Classes for Summer are listed under Summer Camps, and during the school year under Enrichment Classes.

Loyola Blakefield (LB)
Loyola Blakefield are open to all students. If you are insterested in a session, please visit loyolablakefield.org/summer or call Chantal Cross at 443-841-3328 to register for a class at Loyola Blakefield.

Weekend Session Begins September 16 (RPCS)

Class 1 September 16 Saturday 1-4:15pm
Class 2 September 17 Sunday 1-4:15pm
Class 3 September 23 Saturday 1-4:15pm
Class 4 September 24 Sunday 1-4:15pm
Class 5 September 30 Saturday 1-4:15pm
Class 6 October 1 Sunday 1-4:15pm
Class 7 October 7 Saturday 1-4:15pm
Class 8 October 8 Sunday 1-4:15pm
Class 9 October 14 Saturday 1-4:15pm
Class 10 October 15 Sunday 1-4:15pm

Afternoon Session Begins September 18 (LB)

Class 1 September 18 Monday 3-6:15pm
Class 2 September 19 Tuesday 3-6:15pm
Class 3 September 20 Wednesday 3-6:15pm
Class 4 September 21 Thursday 3-6:15pm
Class 5 September 22 Friday 3-6:15pm
Class 6 September 25 Monday 3-6:15pm
Class 7 September 26 Tuesday 3-6:15pm
Class 8 September 27 Wednesday 3-6:15pm
Class 9 September 28 Thursday 3-6:15pm
Class 10 September 29 Friday 3-6:15pm

Afternoon Session Begins November 27 (LB)

Class 1 November 27 Monday 3-6:15pm
Class 2 November 28 Tuesday 3-6:15pm
Class 3 November 29 Wednesday 3-6:15pm
Class 4 November 30 Thursday 3-6:15pm
Class 5 December 1 Friday 3-6:15pm
Class 6 December 4 Monday 3-6:15pm
Class 7 December 5 Tuesday 3-6:15pm
Class 8 December 6 Wednesday 3-6:15pm
Class 9 December 7 Thursday 3-6:15pm
Class 10 December 8 Friday 3-6:15pm